• Pro Flight Trainer Evolution Black Puma (PAS Packing)

Pro Flight Trainer Evolution 4th gen. Puma (PAS Packing)

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Pro Flight Trainer Evolution 4th generation Puma (PAS Packing)

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Pro Flight Trainer Evolution 4th generation Puma (PAS Packing)


•Pro Flight Trainer PUMA Full Control Set
•USB HID Plug & Play seamless installation
•Push-Pull Pedal design
•Curved Cyclic with High Quality B8 Style Grip
•Adjustable Collective Arm Design
•Long USB Cable
•Adjustable Cyclic Height
•Adjustable Pedal Length and anti-slide chair proximity
•Adjustable Collective Arm in Sideways, Height, and Resting Angle

The PAS (Pre-ASsembled) comes "half-assembled". This means all major components and sub-assies comes assembled. 
You'll have to assemble the sub-assies together using our very clear and easy to follow flight manual. 
There is absolutely no special knowledge required for those operations. We had our staff 
(including some without any mechanical knowhow) "test-assemble" it, without problems. 
The unpacking/assembling time averages 50 minutes.

Tools for building are includes


The Pro Flight Trainer is a Plug&Play unit that works with any HID compatible system. 99% of today’s operating system includes HID compatibility.

You can use it for every software that supports USB inputs. This also means that you could use it for car racing games and platform games, even if it doesn’t seems to make sense ;-). Our suggestion is to use it for Flight Simulation purposes ;-)… Any Well-known Simulation software is supported. Including but not limited to FS series, FS2004, FSX, Flight, X-plane Series, DCS Black Shark, Take on Helicopter, etcetera

 PC Requirements:

PCPentium 200MHz or higher with USB port

Microsoft Windows® 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista,

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

DirectX® 7.0 compatible.

MACMac® or iMac™ with USB port

Mac OS 10.3 Phanter or more recent

Linux OS 8.2 or more recent

Input Sprocket 1.5 or more recent with USB Port



These requirements are for the Pro Flight Trainer.

Make sure to refer to the software manufacturer for the simulation software requirements!!!