AIR WOLF Compactor 800 size (Scale fuselage only)

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AIR WOLF Compactor 800 size (Scale fuselage only)


AIR WOLF Compactor 800 size : Scale fuselage only

IMPORTANT: in this kit we deliver only Scale body fuselages + landing gears + accessories.

No mecanics, no rotor blades ( main and tail), no blades (main and blades) will be delivered

Features :

- Weapon set in option (on request)

- Windows sets

- Openable doors

- Stabes + vertical thins

- Retract Landing gears

- Illuminated cokcpit

- Length: 1794mm

- Width: 580mm

- Height: 510mm

- Length incl. rotors:  1850mm

- Main rotor diameter:  1660mm

- Main blade length: 750mm

- Tail rotor diameter: 280mm

- Tail blade length: 105mm

- Flight weight: appr. 8500 gr

PS/ Remote controll is not includes into the set.