Navigation lights "Bronze edition" controllable

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Navigation lights "Bronze edition" controllable


This module is a classic for improving your scale helicopter.

 for 250 and 450 size RC helicopter

This lighting is controllable from a channel of your transmitter(RC), you control your lights remotely positions but also your landing light!

The high brightness LEDs are supplied with a current stabilized voltage, whatever the length of cable current is automatically stabilized by electronics. With the help of riders, choose your style flashing LEDs to reproduce the model of your dreams.

Unique, all LEDs are supplied cable ready to be used , racks LEDs are supplied to install your LEDs in a few moments on the model. A cable junction allows to synchronize two LEDs on the same sequence of flashing.
The supply is from a servo cable link to your Receiver

Features :

- 1 x  instruction manual in french
- 1 x  module NF-3m
- 1 x cable fixe led green
- 1 x cable fixe led red
- 1 x cable blinking red
- 1 x cable blinking white
- 2 x cables blinking white