Ecureuil (A-Star) FUNKEY 600 size "Camouflage" luxuary edition

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AS-350 Ecureuil (A-Star) FUNKEY 600 size "Camouflage" luxuary edition


Super lightweight fiberglass front nose, body, tail boom, missile pods, horizontal fin and vertical fin.

- Pre-painted version is professionally detailed.

- All pre-cut top grade aircraft plywood.

- Slightly tinted windshield.

- Scale landing gear with steps

- Detailed wiper blades, antenna, door handles and boom bar included.

- Designed for most 50 size helicopter mechanics.


Features :

- scale fuselage in fiber already painted includes a lot of scale details.

- fuselage in 2 parts with locking system with magnets

- windows set

- handles

- wipers

- antena

- special scale landing gear

- raptor nitro mecanic kit

- stabes

- illustrated instruction manual in english




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