2 blades MATTBLACK spinblades 700 mm

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2 blades MATTBLACK spinblades 700 mm


2 blades MATTBLACK spinblades 700mm


"Matt black" here it is the new RC rotorblade from spinblades. After more then half a year of intense testing and 40 prototypes build the result is black, matt black. The first RC rotorblade with a matt finish. Ideal for either 3D and speed-flying. Stable and aggressive at the same time. The video basically outlines the questions which color would you compare with the attributes, wild, powerful, the force, aggressive, hardcore, fast ?




- root : 12mm

- bolt hold : 4mm

- weight per blade : about 73gr

- max rpm : 1800

- width: 35mm

- forward : 1-3mm

- air foil : asymmetrical

- direction : right