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Sound module Small
  • Sound module Small
  • Sound module Small
  • Sound module Small
  • Sound module Small

Sound module Small

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Sound module Small


Sound module "Small" for 500, 600 size

Heli scale offers a sound module that will give all the realism you want your helicopter.

This module allows to manage several of its tracks (starting phase, flight phase, hoovering ...). The module can also manage other tracks its annex (sound effects missile, siren). Many files are available but you can use your own files.

The audio track can be synchronized with your gas control (the intensity of sound isbased on the position of your throttle stick) but can also be controlled by a switch.

This module is quite usable for aircraft also.

This module consists of the:
- A programmable sound card (12gr)
- A USB cable to download your files
- One amplifier module (45gr)
- 2 x small speakers (62gr 2 / Size: 6 cm x 4.5 cm x 3 cm each)
- Cables and extension cords needed.
- A manual.

The whole weight: 115gr

TBS Mini soundset "Small"