Scale Fuselages

HELI - SCALE offers a full range of scale fuselage for RC Helicopter, to fit your dreams. Fuselages are build in fiber high quality includes a lot of scale detail. From classic model "civilian" to rare"military" ... Alouette 3, Agusta A-109, Air Wolf, Jet Ranger, Hughes 500, Ecureuil AS-350 AS-550, BO-105, SEA KING, EC-135, EC-145, Lynx, Bell UH-1, MIL-24 HIND Apache, Jay- Hawk... Choose your class / size of helicopter using the menu below: The 550 size refers to 30 The 600 size refers to 50 The 700/800 size refers to 90
Scale Fuselages


    All Roban Compactor range. Super scale Kit includes: fuselage, cockpit front and rear mechanical, main rotor, tail rotor , main blades and tail blades, lights, accessories etc. ... Ultra scale helicopter !
  • 700/800 size

    The biggest size 700/800 from Heli-scale

  • 600 size

    Heli-scale propose for 600 size: EC-145, Apache, MIL-24 HIND, AS-550, A-109...

  • 500 size

    Scale body in fiber for 500 size

  • 450 size

    HELI-SCALE provide a full range of of scale body for 450 size: choose yours !

  • Second choice

    Second choice

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